Bob Dylan - Springtime In New York (vinyl 2LP)

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Bob Dylan's The Bootleg Series Volume 16: Springtime In New York omvat de periode 1980-1985.



LP 1:

1. Jokerman (Infidels Alternate Take)

2. Need a Woman (Rehearsal)

3. Fur Slippers (Shot of Love Outtake)

4. Someone's Got a Hold of My Heart (Infidels Outtake)

5. Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight (Version 1)(Infidels Alternat

6. Blind Willie McTell (Infidels Outtake)

LP 2:

1. Too Late (Band Version)(Infidels Outtake)

2. Sweetheart Like You (Infidels Alternate Take)

3. Seeing the Real You At Last (Empire Burlesque Alternate Take

4. New Danville Girl (Empire Burlesque Outtake)

5. Dark Eyes (Empire Burlesque Alternate Take)


EAN 0194398657912

Label: Columbia / Sony Music