V/A - Down At The Nightclub Vol. 2 (vinyl LP)

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Artikelnummer: 8719326036458


A1 The Snails (2)– Psycho Train 2:32
A2 The Dirty Coal Train– Jungle Zombie Stomp 2:12
A3 The Minnesota Voodoo Men– Voodoo Stomp 2:40
A4 Beatrevolver– Without You 3:05
A5 Les Breastfeeders– Hé, Petite Fille 3:00
A6 The Darts (6)– Revolution 3:13
B1 The Nomads (2)– Working For The Man 2:42
B2 Thee Jenerators, Jack White (2)– Mystery Man 1:41
B3 The Meanie Geanies– I Want Everything 3:27
B4 The Jackets (2)– You Better 2:16
B5 The Maggies's Marshmallows– Monkeyman 2:18
B6 Fifty Foot Combo– The Descent 2:49
B7 The Miners Of Muzo*– Down At The Nightclub 2:13


EAN 8719326036458

Label: Down At The Nightclub Records