Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth (vinyl 2LP + DVD)

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Deluxe 2LP + DVD Edition

Colossal Youth / Loose Ends And Sharp Cuts



Colossal Youth
A1 Searching For Mr Right
A2 Include Me Out
A3 The Taxi
A4 Eating Noddemix
A5 Constantly Changing
A6 N.I.T.A.
A7 Colossal Youth
B1 Music For Evenings
B2 The Man Amplifier
B3 Choci Loni
B4 Wurlitzer Jukebox
B5 Salad Days
B6 Credit In The Straight World
B7 Brand - New - Life
B8 Wind In The Rigging
Loose Ends And Sharp Cuts
C1 Have Your Toupee Ready
C2 The Man Shares His Meal With His Beast
C3 Hayman
C4 Loop The Loop
C5 Ode To Booker T.
D1 Final Day
D2 Radio Silents
D3 Cakewalking
D4 This Way
D5 Posed By Models
D6 The Clock
D7 Clicktalk
D8 Zebra Trucks
D9 Sporting Life
Hurrah, New York, November 1980
DVD-1 N.I.T.A.
DVD-2 Choci Loni
DVD-3 Radio Silents
DVD-4 Music For Evenings
DVD-5 Colossal Youth
DVD-6 Searching For Mr Right
DVD-7 Credit In The Straight World
DVD-8 Brand - New - Life
DVD-9 Include Me Out
DVD-10 Wurlitzer Jukebox
DVD-11 Salad Days
DVD-12 Cakewalking
DVD-13 Final Day
DVD-14 Salad Days (Second Show)


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