V/A - Behind The Dykes 3 (vinyl 2LP) [RSD23]

RSD 23
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Record Store Day 2023 Exclusive

Limited Edition Blue & Red Coloured Vinyl

Behind The Dykes - Beats, Blues And Psychedelic Nuggets From The Lowlands



A1 The Caps (5)– Dance A Little Longer
A2 The Cavaliers (4)– Assepoes
A3 The Goldstar Brothers– You Can't
A4 The Golden Earrings– Daddy Buy Me A Girl
A5 Bojoura– If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium
A6 Jay-Jays– Come Back If You Dare
A7 The Dukes (5)– Abra Kadabra Cha-Cha
A8 Peter J. Muller– Links De Kinks
A9 The Spectacles– Sticks And Stones
B1 Bob Revvel And The "A" One(s)– It Takes Time
B2 The Elements (2)– The Loves I Had Before
B3 Wally Tax– I Sat And Thought And Wondered Why
B4 The Chums– You're The Sweetest Girl
B5 The Marquees (3)– Call My Name
B6 Budhi (2)– Embryo
B7 Chapter II (2)– East Of My Place
B8 The Frogs Ltd.– Judgement
B9 Godert Van Colmjon– Alice Was In Wonderland Once More
C1 The Tower– In Your Life
C2 Disillusion '21– Think Of The Good Times
C3 The Nicols– Delighted To See You
C4 The Whiskers (2)– Morning Dew
C5 Empty Vessels (4)– Something's Got A Hold On
C6 George Cash– The Phantom Of My Past
C7 The Moan*– Chocolate Sue
C8 Honest Men– Help!
D1 Slight Ache– Second Flood
D2 Machine (2)– Lonesome Tree
D3 Cinderella (5)– From Town To Town
D4 For Shame (2)– When The Sun Refuses To Shine
D5 Crown's Clan– Mothers Look Around
D6 Blow Ball– Goodnight Irene
D7 Ash Tray– What Can I Do
D8 The Flag (6)– Got To Get You Into My Life


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