G. Love & Special Sauce - G. Love & Special Sauce (blue vinyl 2LP) [RSD24]

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Artikelnummer: 196588489914

Limited Edition Record Store Day 2024 blauw gekleurd vinyl 2LP



A1 The Things That I Used to Do
A2 Blues Music
A3 Garbage Man
A4 Eyes Have Miles
B1 Baby's Got Sauce
B2 Rhyme for the Summertime
B3 Cold Beverage
B4 Fatman
B5 This Ain't Living
C1 Walk to Slide
C2 Shooting Hoops
C3 Some Peoples Like That
C4 Town to Town
C5 I Love You
D1 The Things That I Used to Do (Live)
D2 Blues Music (Fast Version)
D3 Lila (Original Version)
D4 Just Like Trains (Live)


EAN 196588489914

Label: Epic/Legacy